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About Us

We started as a robust marketing firm in 2008 with new ideas and an enthusiasm to cater the Indian market with superior quality and innovative safety shoes. Becoming a manufacturing firm in 2012 to backward integrate in the shoe industry, our firm provides constant quality and timely delivery all at a very competitive price.Currently we have a capacity of manufacturing 30,000 pairs of shoe a month.

Our company strives to uphold the excellent quality image of our products. We are committed to engage in research and product development programs to improve and support the ever-changing Safety Standards. We will continue to invest in the training of our staff to instill professionalism and broaden their knowledge and experience. Our company also regularly reviews, improves, and upgrades the facilities to make our products best among our competitors. We regard the end-users, buyers and customers as our top priority. Services and product support programs will be constantly reviewed to meet their changing needs.

Our Values


In Coogar’s operations and products safety is a top priority. Coogar’s operations are based on safe and well-tried working methods. Coogar’s products promote safety in the workplace and during leisure time.


Coogar continuously develops innovative and sustainable solutions for its products and services, which bring added value to customers.


Coogar develops more effective operating practices continuously and systematically. The existing resources are being used appropriately by doing the right things as well as possible, in the best interest of the customer, and in order to maintain competitiveness.


Coogar is a reliable partner and an employer who acts decisively, persistently, and in a customer-oriented way. Coogar stands behind its promises.